Windows 11 Widgets Can Be Upgraded, But Not What They Need

    Windows 11 Widgets could become a bigger problem in the future, as Microsoft released a Windows Insider build on the Dev Channel that includes a new full-screen Widget window.

    This is important because – at least in my opinion – Windows 11 Widgets fall far short of what they might be in terms of usefulness or customizability. The fact that Microsoft is changing the way Widgets work makes me confident that the company knows they need to do so and is willing to spend time improving them.

    Of course, since this is based on a build submitted through the Windows Insider Program’s Developer Channel which is used to test Windows features and updates before rolling out to the public, there is no What guarantees the changes we see in that build will make their way to the version of Windows 11 that most people use. However, the language in the blog post (opens in a new tab) Microsoft has announced Windows Insider Preview Build Build 25201 showing that this expanded full-screen Widget view is sure to appear on Windows 11 in the near future — after Microsoft has had time to test and refine it.

    This is what the new Windows 11 Widgets extension looks like. The buttons in the upper right corner allow you to control the size of the Widget panel. (Image credit: Microsoft)

    “We’re starting to roll out expanded view to Widgets. We’ll first start rolling it out to a small group of Insiders in the Dev Channel so it won’t be visible to everyone right away” , excerpt of the post writes. “This experience is not yet available to all Insiders as we plan to monitor feedback and see what it will look like before making it available to everyone.”

    That’s the big change in this build of Windows 11, but it’s not the only one. In addition to the list of minor fixes and improvements, Microsoft is also updating the Game Pass utility to let you actually sign in with your Xbox profile.

    The Game Pass utility is getting a small but much-needed upgrade that allows you to quickly return to your most recently played Game Pass games on your PC. (Image credit: Microsoft)

    This gives the add-on even more value, as you can now log into your Xbox profile through the Xbox PC app and expect to see an auto-updating list of recently played games. yours right in the widget. You can also view your most recently played Game Pass games on your PC and return directly from the widget.

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