Windows 11 was announced a year ago, what do you think of it so far?

    Windows 11 was officially announced as the successor to Windows 10 exactly a year ago on June 24, 2021. Although the operating system received its first preview build on June 28, followed by amazing general availability on October 4th (or October 5th, depending on your time zone), which is June 24th, Microsoft officially announces Windows 11 and explains some of the features. new ability.

    While the initial discussion around Windows 11 was about strict hardware requirements, Microsoft has promised a number of new features including Android app support, UI refreshes – especially when comes to Taskbar and Start menu -, Snap Layout and other multitasking enhancements.

    We evaluated the launch edition of Windows 11 as a complete package and weren’t completely impressed by the operating system or its needs, considering its seemingly halfway point and user experience. lapse (look at you, Taskbar). Some of the things Microsoft announced on June 24 aren’t even in the launch version of the operating system, with the most notable omission being Android app support.

    Windows 11 Start screen with search box at the top of apps

    We’ve also written a series of Closer Look sections that dive into the user experience when it comes to most, if not all, of the features Windows 11 has to offer, and you can check them all out here. This complements our other editorials on the things we love and hate about Windows 11, the excessive fragmentation of Insider channels and more.

    Needless to say, it’s been a bumpy road for Windows 11, but it’s not the utter failure many expected.

    With the first feature update for Windows 11 with version 22H2, Microsoft intended to add new features as well as restore some of the features they removed. Of course, the company’s work is still far from done, and it has faced criticism for some of its practices when it comes to operating systems, it’s clear that Microsoft wants to (fix some) wrong. mistakes with version 22H2 and future versions of Windows 11. .

    Windows 11

    Personally, I still stand by my review of the launch version of Windows 11, which I give it 6.5/10 with my conclusion that the operating system prioritizes aesthetics over practical functionality. , I think I’ll probably bump it up to 7/10 with the 22H2 version. Windows 11 hasn’t become my daily driver yet because Windows 10 does almost everything I need it to and gets better and better. The Windows 11 aesthetic is great, but ultimately it wasn’t enough for me to consider upgrading. And that’s good. Given the similarities between the codebase of Windows 10 and Windows 11, Microsoft is fine with both operating systems co-existing until at least the older one runs out of support.

    But that’s enough about the history of Windows 11 and our views on it. We want to know, what do you think of Windows 11 based on using it? Does it affect you or do you think it’s not good enough for your current needs? Has Microsoft delivered on its promises since officially launching Windows 11 a year ago or do you think the operating system still needs a lot of work? Vote for the poll below and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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