Windows 11 Start Menu Gets Another Upgrade And This Makes It BETTER

    Windows 11 has a new Start menu design that makes it more practical to use than ever before. Here are all the details.

    Windows 11 is getting another small change that could have a big impact on the user experience. When the Windows 11 update was released, the Start Menu got a lot of changes, including its location on the Taskbar. However, the design of the Start Menu allows for limited pinned items, and despite running out of space, one cannot add any additional pinned items. Also, there is no option to add folders for pinned items. Microsoft is currently fixing these with the latest Windows 11 2H22 update.

    Windows 11 Update 2H22 brings some much requested features back to the Start Menu. One of them includes the return of the Start menu folder, which will now allow you to drag and drop a pinned item onto another to create a new folder. Windows 11 adds a new animation to provide hints for the same thing. In addition to this, there are several new additions to the Start Menu.

    Windows 11 Start Menu has some big changes

    Start Menu folders can also be customized. Users will be able to rename folders, rearrange apps inside folders, and even remove pinned apps from folders.

    Additionally, users will be able to change the Start Menu layout. So far, the Start Menu offers equal space for pinned items and suggested apps or documents. The new layouts will now allow for this 50-50 layout, as well as two other layouts that emphasize pinned apps or suggested items.

    However, in the future, Windows 11 will have new features and when Microsoft is ready to make them available. Windows 11 has so far received two annual updates in a year, but the update delivery process will change in the coming months.

    Also, there have been rumors about Windows 12 being developed. Contrary to its initial promise when Windows 10 was supposed to be the ultimate Windows and promoted the concept of “Windows as a service,” Microsoft is now said to be releasing a major version update every three years. Not much is known about this Windows 12 update but you can expect Microsoft to introduce more design changes with this update along with some new features.

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