Windows 11 may be forced to install on an incompatible machine

    Ask: Dear Geek. I have a tower running Windows 10. Windows Update tells me that the PC does not meet the minimum requirements to run Windows 11. Checking the PC Health tells me my i7-7700@3.60 GHz CPU does not support Windows 11.

    I phoned Dell hoping they would sell me another CPU, but they made it clear that they couldn’t help me. Should I wait until Windows 10 is no longer supported and buy a new computer; download the Windows 11 ISO, create a bootable flash drive and install the Win 11 operating system manually (whatever that means), or try to buy another CPU that supports Windows 11?

    Ronald R., Niceville

    ONE: Dear Ronald. I hope you didn’t miss my discussion on a similar topic just a few issues ago in reply to reader Keith N. in issue number 782. I said it was “similar” because although both questions are generic as to whether or not to stick with Windows 10, you brought up something in your question that Keith didn’t, and that is the ability to strongly trigger the installation Windows 11 to include it on a system that Microsoft claims does not support.

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