Windows 11 KB5008353 Can Finally Fix Disk Performance Problems

    Windows 11 has been plagued by disk performance issues since last summer, when it was still only available to Insider testers. Unfortunately, these issues are still present in the launch version of the new operating system, released in early October 2021, to the public along with several other issues. Since that time, we’ve had a number of false positives, with Microsoft claiming to have put Windows 11 disk performance issues to work. Now it looks like disk performance is finally fixed – this time indeed! – after the Windows 11 release KB5008353 last week.

    Windows 11 performance regression example highlighted (Image Credit: MJ_JasonM on Microsoft Community Support)

    Prior to the arrival of KB5008353 in late January, PC fixed storage device performance could be severely impacted in Windows 11. Microsoft’s release notes state that the update specifically addresses ” the performance regression problem occurs when you enable log update sequence number (USN), and the latest patch seems to have done the trick regarding slow storage performance.

    Windows Latest says many users on forums and on the official Microsoft Feedback Hub have claimed that Windows 11 storage devices are finally working as well as they did in Windows 10. The observations seem to be. covers a wide range of drives, from those using the SATA interface to the latest M.2 NVMe SSDs.

    It’s a bit disappointing to read that Microsoft has Again fixed this Windows 11 memory performance issue, as last December we reported that, after a few months, Microsoft has confidently resolved this same issue. Something is wrong, since the December fix has been applied to the “USN journal”, this seems to be the same or a very similar issue to what was just fixed in KB5008353. At the time, we reported that this patch was observed to provide much improved random write speeds. However, the December fix appears to only work on some affected systems.

    KB5008353 is stuffed with other fixes

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