Windows 11 isn’t perfect, but it’s ready for ‘golden hour’

    Q: At the age of 78, I went through the historical process you described in your post today, February 19 (Geek’s Note: IGTM Issue No 760, February 19, 2022). I have a suggestion and an additional question.

    I believe it is wiser for users to wait than to immediately accept an OS upgrade offer. Let the good old Microsoft fix its inevitable early errors. That raises the question. How long does the free upgrade to Windows 11 offer?

    Personally, I don’t plan to upgrade until the last few months offer. I just see an advantage for accepting the upgrade very early. That would be a hobby, for the adventure involved in bugs. If users have that desire, they may want to sign up as a beta tester. That can be very interesting as in the Chinese curse, “May you live in pleasant times.”

    Roger H., Crestview

    ONE: Well, Roger, with all due respect to your 78 years of experience, I must say that my opinion is slightly different from yours. But only a little. Not because your statement is without merit, because it is purely with merit. However, what you’re saying seems to suggest that releasing a version of Windows goes from the desk of an anonymous software architect at Microsoft to its distribution division, where anyone stupid enough to snap one of the early versions- available copies.

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