Windows 11 Build brings this HIDDEN feature back

    Microsoft may bring this hidden feature of Windows 8 back to Windows 11.

    Windows 11 Build 25151 is here with a long list of fixes including File Explorer tabs, Start menu and more. With that, it brings a new hidden feature – ‘Open Dialog’. It’s actually a redesigned version of the Open Dialogue feature for apps and files, which was first introduced earlier this year, but has since been removed from builds, as reported by Apple. Windows Latest. Windows 11 Build 25151 is now available to all testers in the Development Channel.

    So, what is this new hidden feature that Windows 11 Build 25151 draws our attention to? Basically, Open Dialogue appears when you right-click on any file to open it while using a particular application. Sound familiar? Well, users who have used Wndows 8 must have tried this feature and it has been updated according to the design principles of Windows 11.

    The latest Windows report shared two screenshots introducing the new feature. It suggests that the upcoming dialog will appear in both light and dark themes on Windows 11. In case your laptop’s theme is set to dark, the ‘Open With’ dialog will appear automatically. appear in the dark. In a similar way, it will appear in the light while changing the Windows 11 theme settings itself. Microsoft has also simplified the experience with a one-click update to your default apps.

    You should note that this feature is not available to everyone. Initially, only select users will be able to use this new hidden feature of Windows 11. The report mentions that it is not even clear whether the feature will be available for Windows 11 in the second half of 2022. , but it is likely that Microsoft will release the Open Dialog feature in a future update.

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