What will be the new exclusive color of the iPhone 14 Pro?

    Ever since Apple decided to launch its higher-end iPhone models with the Midnight Blue iPhone 11 Pro, each new generation of iPhone Pro kicks off a new set of speculations about which luxurious color Apple will choose next.

    When rumors of a Pacific blue iPhone 12 Pro first surfaced, it was clear that Apple would change things up every year. Even then, though, it surprised us once again with the Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro, introducing a brighter color that few expected after two years of more elegant silent finishes.

    This time around, rumors predict that Apple will follow that trend with the iPhone 14 Pro, switching from Sierra Blue to a similar pastel purple color.

    Recommendation from Jon Prosser at Technology Previous Pagealong with a set of renders generated by graphic designer Ian Zelbo.

    That’s not a bad look for the new iPhone Pro, but we recommend taking it with a healthy dose of salt at this point. Around this time last year, leakers were speculating about a copper-like orange finish, and some even reported that Apple was working on a bold black color to replace the charcoal version. lead.

    Not only did neither of those colors come to fruition, but Sierra Blue came right out of the blue. Nobody predicted it, and it ended up being one of the few surprises left when Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 Pro.

    However, Apple is running out of colors for the iPhone Pro, and purple is also a good possibility. Apple revived the color blue in March with a new Alpine Green finish for the iPhone 13 Pro.

    The light purple color shown in Zelbo’s renders would be an excellent successor to Sierra Blue, but that doesn’t mean Apple will go in that direction.

    A copper-like orange finish could still be on the table, but when last year’s rumors didn’t turn out to be true, it dawned on us that Apple hadn’t used orange in years. The last time an Apple device brought that shade was in 2010 with the iPod nano and iPod shuffle; it was dropped in the 2012 iPod shuffle color refresh, never to return.

    Orange is also a very difficult color to get right. Even Apple’s iPod uses it inconsistently. There may be some truth to the rumors that Apple considered a copper orange color last year, but with Apple’s focus on perfection, perhaps the company’s designers weren’t happy with the result. fruit.

    However, despite the “nano-chromatic” iPod era, Apple’s foray into colorful iPhones didn’t begin until recently. For years, your choices were mostly limited to neutrals: darker gray/black/graphite, lighter silver/white, and muted gold. Apple has toyed with rose gold for a while, but it wasn’t until the iPhone 7 special edition (PRODUCT) RED arrived that we saw a real array of colors.

    However, Apple still seems to maintain the view that high-end iPhones should not have many colors. The short-lived 2013 iPhone 5c was Apple’s first attempt at a lower-end iPhone, but then failed, taking another five years before the company tried again with the iPhone XR. However, Apple got it right with that, ushering in the modern two-tiered iPhone family.

    Unlike the iPhone 5c, a plastic iPhone with last year’s specs, the iPhone XR is as powerful as the premium iPhone XS; it merely lacks an OLED screen and a better camera system.

    This also allows Apple to make things more colorful, and if you’re looking for more colorful options, it’s still Apple’s amateur lineup where you’ll find them. However, this also inspires Apple to start equipping its iPhone Pro family with a new exclusive color each year, as well as giving us an idea of ​​exactly what that will look like.

    [The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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