What coronavirus can teach us about cybersecurity

    During my travels, I have met cybersecurity experts from a variety of backgrounds. That’s not too surprising – it’s a relatively new profession that has only recently been taught in universities, and it takes ten years of on-the-job training to become an expert. Most seasoned cybersecurity veterans come from some other industry. I moved into cybersecurity from epidemiology, studying how diseases spread. There are some surprising and interesting similarities between cybersecurity and epidemiology – starting from the point where most people really don’t want to talk to you about the confusing stuff you spend your time on. when they face a real crisis and suddenly demand answers!

    The coronavirus is a prime example of crisis attention directed to a neglected area. Usually, we fly around visiting busy places, shake hands, and often behave as if the outside world isn’t out there to approach us. But the publicity surrounding the coronavirus has suddenly brought people to attention, buying sanitizer, stocking up on groceries and, above all, washing their hands. I’m writing this on an empty plane. I’ve seen students use slams instead of shaking hands, learned from a half-joking video online by people in Wuhan. But we know this attention won’t last.

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