Ukraine-based tech news fights for despite the war

    Tech journalism is a pulse that is often not rife with fear. There are product announcements that need to be covered up, chip shortages to notify readers, and sometimes moderators that have to take them down to write. But for a group of tech sites based in Ukraine, things have changed.

    Media for Creators operates three websites outside of Ukraine and employs about 40 journalists, who before the war in Ukraine covered topics familiar to PCMag readers. in a new window) focus on technology, business and media. High load(Opens in a new window) covers topics of interest to developers and programmers. And ITC(Opens in a new window) is a leading Ukrainian resource for technology, popular culture and IT.

    “Depending on the area, the guys can prepare materials from the bomb shelter or the basement.”

    However, go to any of them now and you’ll see survival tips; coverage of volunteer centers, startups, and tech services that sprang up during the war; news about migration to other countries; and advice to refugees who have fled on how to find shelter, clothing and food. This is all along with the steady stream of news that the site is always known for.

    We spoke with Media for Creators spokesperson Pavel Chuikyn, who said about half of the company’s journalists have left Ukraine and continue their work from other countries, while the rest have left Ukraine and continue their work from other countries. are continuing to deliver their stories from within the country — including the frontline territories.

    “Depending on the area, these guys can prepare materials from a bomb shelter or basement,” says Chuikyn. “But there are people who are still as lucky as I am, who work from their apartment or home. In any case, we issue air strikes on a daily basis, and we hide in bunkers from possible missile or air strikes.”

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    The war also had a significant effect on the stability of the company. To that end, Media for Creators launched a fundraising campaign(Opens in a new window). Chuikyn said the money raised will go toward content creation, technical support for websites, and for team members in need, such as those fleeing home to escape war.

    To learn more about how you can help, read how the conflict in Ukraine affects those in our industry, from internet access and cybersecurity to companies leaving or in response to Russia’s actions.

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