UAE Cybersecurity Council selects external partners

    Over the past weeks, the UAE’s Cyber ​​Security Council has signed numerous cooperation agreements with external service providers.

    Established in November 2020, the Cybersecurity Council is tasked with developing and overseeing a cybersecurity strategy for the UAE, and creating a secure and robust cyber infrastructure in the Emirate. Older brother.

    In partnership with Cyber ​​Protection X, Deloitte, Amazon Web Services and Huawei, the Cybersecurity Council aims to professionalize a wide range of its capabilities and services for public sector entities.


    Memorandum of Understanding with Cyber ​​Protection X (CPX), a recently launched Abu Dhabi (300 employees) network technology and consulting firm focused on building the network capacity of governmental and quasi-governmental organizations throughout the United Arab Emirates. UAE Cybersecurity Council

    CPX will help governments conduct cyber assessments to establish the current cybersecurity posture and then help implement cyber solutions to close any vulnerabilities.

    Cybersecurity Council and CPX

    CPX CEO Khaled Al Melhi said: “Organizations that invest in improving their cyber maturity will do better. We are proud to partner with NCSC and UAE government organizations on this journey, limiting their exposure to cyber threats and increasing their exposure to innovation and growth opportunities. “.

    Deloitte company

    The partnership with Deloitte aims to build network capabilities within the UAE. The Big Four will assist with CERT guidelines, cyber training, realizing a cybersecurity strategy, and ensuring that international best practices are in place in the Cybersecurity Council.

    Cybersecurity Council and Deloitte

    Commenting on the project’s victory, Tariq Ajmal, Network Leader at Deloitte in the Middle East, said: “We look forward to partnering with the Cybersecurity Council in bringing their vision to life. Our Cybersecurity practice in the region brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, supported by the global Deloitte network. ”

    Ziad El Haddad, Deloitte Cyber ​​Practice Partner, added: “We are delighted to be working with the Cyber ​​Security Council in the UAE to further advance the cybersecurity agenda in the Emirate. The evolution of these initiatives will enable us to better protect citizens, organizations, and countries from the increasingly pervasive cyber threats in today’s geopolitical and economic landscape. . ”

    Amazon Web Services

    Working in conjunction with Amazon Web Services, the Cybersecurity Council will help government (semi) organizations accelerate their migration to the cloud (hosted on the AWS backbone).

    Cybersecurity Council and AWS

    According to a joint press release, AWS’s cloud infrastructure will help public sector entities enhance their cyber operations in areas including storage, networking, databases, analytics, machine learning, innovation, incident prevention and tracking.

    According to the memorandum of understanding, a steering committee will also be established with representatives from the Amazon Web Services and Cybersecurity Council to consult, collaborate, and share security best practices. cloud network.


    Agreement with Huawei, one of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers, focuses on the development of research and thought leadership in the field of cybersecurity, led by a joint research team independence is still being established.

    Cybersecurity Council and Huawei

    Aloysius Cheang, Huawei’s Security Director in the UAE, said: “We are honored to partner with the National Cyber ​​Security Council. Huawei is committed to supporting the UAE’s efforts as the country accelerates its digital transformation journey. This partnership will also help recognize Huawei’s long-term commitment to sustainable development in the UAE.”

    Commenting on the various memorandums of understanding, Mohammad Hamad Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cybersecurity Department of the UAE Government, said: “We want to ensure that cybersecurity develops into a thriving and sustainability in the national economy for decades to come. We are delighted to enter into these agreements in line with our mission to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity operation and create a secure and robust network infrastructure.”

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