Top 10 government technology news sources

    The US government is at the forefront of the digital era, and its use of technology is no exception. With various federal agencies using cutting-edge technology, from artificial intelligence to blockchain, there is always something new to learn in the tech world.

    According to the government accountability office (GAO), the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) rewards government agencies for modernizing the federal information system, which Congress originally provided 175 millions of dollars.

    Here are top government news sources enriched with top federal tech stories to follow the latest issues and developments!

    What are the top government tech news sites?

    The federal government is one of the largest technology markets in the world. Aspiring tech executives can take an in-depth look at what’s happening in the tech space with these and other tech sites for premium content and news alerts.

    1. ExecutiveBiz (Ebiz)

    ExecutiveBiz is one of the top 10 government technology websites. This is your daily source of breaking news on emerging technologies and trends in the federal sector. Ebiz serves thousands of subscribers every month with daily news stories. It covers topics that focus on the following:

    • Big data and analytics

      Get insights from industry experts on big data and public sector analytics.

    • Biometrics

      The latest stories on procurement by agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense and Justice.

    • C4ISR

      News about technologies that benefit combatants and covers topics from industry leaders related to command, control, computing, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

    • Cloud

      These news articles are tailored to specific federal agencies. It’s about the latest technologies driving the rapid adoption of cloud services.

    • Network security

      Latest federal cybersecurity news and regulations and developments.

    • Space

      Latest space technology advancements used by leading defense and intelligence agencies.

    Other technology areas covered by Ebiz are autonomous flight, deep technology, reliability testing, and modern and integrated network system technology. It also hosts forums like the Quantum Technology Forum to better understand the intricacies of quantum phenomena as the US government is promoting R&D efforts on quantum technology for use in security. national security and defense.

    2. ExecutiveGov (eGov)

    eGov is a government technology news website that provides information on the latest contracts, trends and innovations awarded in the public sector. It covers news about cloud computing, big data computing, social media, digital infrastructure and more. It encourages innovation and cooperation among government agencies and other organizations to create a safer environment and use of digital assets.

    3. GovConWire (GCW)

    GCW is the premier source for the latest breaking news related to business, government contracts, technology, contract awards, operations, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency Its goal is to provide industry professionals and executive leaders with comprehensive information on federal technology issues, job openings, IT budget information, and public updates. other technology.

    4. GovExec (Government Executive Communications Group)

    GovExec is a registered trademark of Government Executive Media Group. This is a good source of news, analysis and information regarding the whereabouts of the executive branch of the federal government. It acquired Power Almanac in April 2022.

    Power Almanac provides the most extensive and useful information for the housing data of business intelligence applications and provides insights for the benefit of state and local government decision makers.

    GovExec’s joint measures focus on the priorities and activities of the communications team that runs the federal government, emphasizing the use of technology to improve efficiency and modernizing government projects to help more accessible to customers.

    5. MeriTalk

    MeriTalk is a public-private partnership with a team of skilled editors and world-class event staff that enables them to deliver unprecedented opinion, analysis and news to improve government outcomes. in the most detailed federal information technology and information technology sector.

    Its goal is to engage federal information directors and their industry partners from the federal to state and local government levels through research, reports, features, stories, training and more. Finally, it provides forums for industry leaders to discuss the country’s future regulations, technological innovations, cloud-based solutions for COVID-19 contact tracing. and results.

    6. Government Technology (Govtech)

    GovTech is the leading source for federal information technology news and events for local, state and city governments. It covers topics like industry leaders insights related to emerging technologies, tech budgets and finance, and other tech stories that affect the public sector. You can subscribe to their magazine online, which helps solve local and state government problems by maximizing the use of technology and accessing news that leaders need. Trusted technology leader.

    7. Nextgov

    Nextgov is a government technology news website that covers breaking news on various topics like health, cloud, defense, big data analytics, Internet of Things, telecommunications, information systems and network security.

    It is a portfolio brand of GovExec and is also owned by the Government Executive Communications Corporation. It’s one of the leading sources of market-leading platforms that empower federal mandates and strengthen the government’s ecosystem to accomplish its goals through its marketing and revenue services. data collection is enabled.

    In addition, it offers 20 to 30 minute podcasts to provide more ideas on how government officials and members use emerging technologies through interviews and knowing where the government is. . The podcasts also cover other things government does and how it affects citizens.

    8. StateTech

    StateTech Magazine addresses technology issues circulating in local and state governments that IT leaders and workers face when implementing and evaluating solutions. It provides product reviews, best practices, case studies, and features from the field.

    Other topics include hardware, data centers, digital workspaces, security, public safety, etc. CDW publishes the magazine and is headquartered in Illinois, as a solution provider. multi-brand technology for government, corporate, healthcare and education organizations in the UK, US and Canada.

    StateTech has other technology websites, namely:

    • BizTech

      Online magazine in partnership with major tech companies, including Dell and Microsoft

    • EdTech

      An online magazine with separate pages for K12 and higher education

    • HealthTech

      Learn more about technology solutions that drive healthcare

    • FedTech

      With coverage of computer technology focused on cybersecurity

    9. FedTech

    FedTech was established in 2015 in line with the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program. Its goal has since been to provide a viable avenue for entrepreneurs, public employees and government agencies to make breakthroughs in the use of technology, including tips on how to combat disaster in the world of technology.

    FedTech works with other federal agencies like the DoE, NASA, NIST, the Department of Defense, and other research organizations and corporations to make that happen. Finally, it partners with federal agencies, companies, and individuals to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations through the following activities:

    • Company’s joint venture programs

      To explore emerging technologies tailored to customer needs

    • Startup Studio

      A free program to help entrepreneurs launch their technology projects

    • Acceleration Programs

      A free program that helps existing ventures partner with government agencies to help them develop and solve the country’s hottest issues

    • Internal innovation

      Covers various topics to streamline the innovation techniques of startups for larger organizations.

    10. Open Access Government (OAG)

    AOG is a digital publication that gives insight into public policy areas around the globe. This includes health and social care, COVID-19, energy, technology, energy, government and R&D. AOG has a section dedicated to government technology enriched with the most up-to-date and relevant information on all topics in the growing market.

    In addition, you can read articles related to data protection, online harm, and cybercrime in this section with topics on social media and potential dangers and must-haves. have regulations. In addition, it features experts giving their opinions on the potential of AI in the future and how it can advance the healthcare and Internet of Things sectors, as well as its use in healthcare settings. GDPR-related issues.

    Why should we stay informed about the latest news and trends in federal IT?

    The federal government has been using information technology to improve the efficiency of its services, increase public access to information, and increase citizen participation in the democratic process. .

    The IT Modernization Act was passed to provide funding for technology-related pursuits, innovation, and enhancement of cybersecurity within the federal government, where the GSA provides funding. Here are the reasons why we should stay up to date with the latest in federal tech stories:

    1. It can help federal employees, remote teams, and elected officials know what’s going on in their departments and agencies and make informed decisions about how best to modernize their infrastructure

    2. The federal government will be able to save money by using new programs and information technology that can automate processes. For example, Rocket Lab USA recently launched a program called the Responsive Space Program that allows Rocket Lab to directly collaborate, design, and build integrated operations with satellite operators one-on-one. quick way. This will speed up response to space mission requirements, saving the government money.

    3. IT professionals can become experts on how to get the most out of their current systems and use the latest technologies to improve their work.

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