This Windows 11 error puts your USB drive at risk!

    Windows 11 users have been complaining about a new bug plaguing their systems after the 22H2 update. Here’s what you need to know.

    Microsoft rolled out the most significant update to Windows 11 to date, just last month. The update, dubbed Windows 11 2H22 update, brings a bunch of new features and even makes behind-the-scenes system improvements. However, as is the case with any major update, the 22H2 update includes a number of bugs, some of which can really affect performance. One of these bugs is annoying when you plug the USB drive in and try to remove it.

    Microsoft recommends that users always use the safe removal tool whenever you remove a USB drive. According to Tech Radar, many users reported a bug that prevented them from using the feature while Task Manager was active. When you try to remove the USB drive through the safe removal tool, Windows 11 becomes unresponsive for a few seconds, before displaying an error that says “Windows cannot stop your device because a program is still in use.” device use. Close any programs that may be using the device, and then try again later.”

    Usually, users encounter this error when trying to remove the USB while in use. However, this shows an error regardless of the current state of the USB drive. For now, the only workaround is to remove the USB drive directly. However, Microsoft advises users not to do that because USB drives run the risk of data corruption when deleted directly from the system. Microsoft will look to fix this error immediately by rolling out an update in the near future.

    New features of Windows 11 22H2:

    1. Recommended action: In addition to the better File Explorer for sharing files, Windows 11 users will get the Recommended Actions feature. How will it help you? For example, when there are phone numbers or future dates in the text, Windows highlights them, making it easy to click and call with Phone Link, Teams, or Skype, or click to schedule an appointment, etc.

    2. Easy to access Task Manager: The taskbar has two most important features. First, you can pin a larger selection of apps to your taskbar than space allows, which will allow you to see all your overflowing apps in one place. Second, while right clicking on the taskbar, you will also have the option to go directly into your Task Manager.

    3. Photo application: By the end of October 2022, your phone, camera, and OneDrive photos will all come together in one library.

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