These Canon EOS R5 cameras are notorious Transformers in disguise

    Of all the invisible, you wouldn’t expect a DSLR to change shape into a stealthy Transformer. However, it is the latest innovative case of the Japanese company Takara Tomy that makes Transformers toys, and Canon needs no introduction.

    In the past, Canon has been known to make nifty little copies of its own products and this time they surprised the community with this interesting device as well. It is no coincidence that two of the most iconic products of these two giants have been merged into one product. Yes, I am talking about EOS and the mighty Transformers.

    Designer: Takara Tomy

    If you thought that Optimus Prime’s alternate form was just a heavy truck, think again because this tiny little toy proves it wrong. The 80 percent scale model of the Canon EOS R5 camera quickly turns into a Transformer with very few joints, and boy, that lens cap turns into a shield for the Optimus Prime R5 (which is what this Autobot does). named) is the most amazing thing you will watch all day long. The manufacturer has added a bit of spice to this transformative creation when Decepticon has its own miniature camera.

    The lifelike Canon mirrorless camera even has another version, where the resulting Transformer is the Decepticon Refraktor. While it’s not as detailed as the blue and red Autobots leader, it’s still a great piece to show off on your desk setup. Refraktor gets one Quantum Dial and the ability to split into three. So you get A Spector, Spyglass and Viewfinder in specific animation.

    The attention to detail of these two Transformers is much to be appreciated. You can press the shutter button, rotate the dial, or look inside the viewfinder. The interchangeable lens-like lens can be removed to reveal the 35mm sensor, and the L lens’ trademark red ring adds an element of realism.

    Both these Transformers/camcorders are slated to launch on February 25thorder, 2023 release in Japan, with pre-orders for the Optimus Prime edition starting now through September 28order. Even so, the Decepticon Reflektor model will only be an purchasable Takara Tomy shopping mall exclusive. They’ll cost 19,500 yen ($147), and with their iconic appeal, they’ll sell like hot cakes!

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