These Canon Cameras Are Actually Transformer Robots in Disguise

    Canon has officially partnered with Japanese toy company Takara Tomy to produce two Transformers “robot in a robot” toy sets in the shape of the EOS R5.

    Discovered TFormers and precipice, Takara Tomy is about to launch a Transformers toy duo in the shape of Autobots’ Optimus Prime and Decepticons’ Refraktor. At first glance, Refraktor may seem like an obscure character to choose to accompany Autobot leader Optimus Prime, but according to Transformers lore, the Decepticon is a combination of three separate robots named Spectro, Spyglass, and Viewfinder, It fits very well with its idea of ​​hiding like a Canon camera.

    Takara Tomy points out that they work side-by-side with various companies every year to produce interesting co-productions, and in the case of Transformers, they work especially hard to make sure they don’t just work. acts like a toy but also looks like part of any original product. try to imitate.

    This year, the company’s toys are being produced in collaboration with Canon, and the result is an 80% scale model of the company’s R5 full-frame mirrorless camera. Takara Tomy says that the camera body and lens can be disassembled just like the actual camera, although being a toy it can’t really take any pictures.

    When not in its robot state, the toy looks a lot like the Canon R5, and especially impressive is the detachable body and lens that still look like the R5 and 24-105mm they were prototyped with.

    The lens cap that looks a lot like the one on an actual Canon camera can be removed and used as a shield.

    Both robots come with a small camera that each can hold while in the “transformed” state. The Optimus Prime comes with a tiny EOS R5 while the Refraktor comes with a triple camera that mimics the original concept of the Decepticon which, as mentioned, is made up of three separate robots.

    The two Transformers are scheduled to be released in Japan on February 25, 2023, and pre-orders for each (Optimus Prime and Reflektor) are currently open between August 10 and September 28 for 19,800 yen, or about $150. Unfortunately, Takara Tomy didn’t mention an international release.

    Image credits: Takara Tomy

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