The Good and Bad of Canon Cameras

    Canon cameras are some of the most popular today, but like every other brand, they’re not perfect. How do they compare to other options? This excellent video discusses the good and bad of Canon cameras.

    Coming to you from Manny Ortiz, this great video discusses the pros and cons of Canon cameras. For me, the best thing about Canon cameras (and arguably the worst) has nothing to do with the camera. Actually it’s the lens. I’ve thought about switching camera systems many times, and even used Sony cameras with adapters for a few years, but I always went back to Canon simply because there were certain lenses that I couldn’t use. live without. On the other hand, lenses are said to be the biggest drawback of the Canon ecosystem at the present time. While Canon’s RF lenses are generally quite impressive, they are also very expensive. Meanwhile, the company has essentially disallowed all third-party autofocus lenses, forcing users to either buy those RF lenses or use adaptive DSLR lenses. And with the explosion of third-party lenses over the past few years, that’s a real shame for many users. Hopefully we’ll eventually see them license the RF mount. Watch the video above to see Ortiz’s full thoughts.

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