The Cape Elizabeth man will coordinate the nation’s response to cybersecurity threats

    The US Senate on Thursday confirmed a Cape Elizabeth resident will lead the country’s international response to cybersecurity threats.

    Nathaniel Fick has been unanimously confirmed as the State Department’s first Ambassador at Large for Cyberspace and Digital Policy.

    Fick, who holds degrees from Dartmouth College, Harvard’s Kennedy School and Harvard Business School, served in the Marines as an infantry officer and scout. From 2012-19 he was the chief executive officer of Endgame, a cybersecurity software company. After that company was acquired by Elastic Security, he was appointed general manager of Elastic Security and led the company’s information security business.

    Fast Company, a technology-focused business publication, named Fick one of the 100 most innovative people in business in 2018, and Endgame one of the 100 best cloud companies in the world.

    Fick’s nomination is supported by Senator Angus King, who co-chairs the Cyber ​​Bathrooms Committee, a panel responsible for developing consensus on a strategic approach to defending the United States in the United States. cyberspace.

    Fick’s confirmation is “a historic, long-overdue step in addressing our rapidly changing cyber environment,” King said, and will make the country “better positioned to respond to growing threats, informed the development of global rules of engagement and created much-needed international rules for cyberspace. “

    The United States has fallen behind in developing a strategy to “defend us in this borderless war,” King said. I hope that ends today.”

    As general ambassador, Fick will work with the Department of Cyber ​​and Digital Policy at the State Department, developing policies that encourage responsible state behavior in cyberspace and protect security of the United States.

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