Tech news you might have missed: October 8-13

    Details on ransomware trends in 2022, attempts to steal Microsoft user credentials, and key project management steps will be featured in our compilation of most read stories. us last week.

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    In a week of phishing attacks and virtualization tips, here are the top stories you might have missed on TechRepublic from October 8-13, 2022.

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    2022 State of the Threat: Ransomware still hits companies hard

    A padlock icon with red dots represents malware.
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    The total number of ransomware threats did not change significantly throughout 2022, but as the State of Threats 2022 report shows, the goals and pace have changed. Cedric Pernet’s threat analysis indicates that smaller businesses and individuals are at greater risk of ransomware, and threat actors have reduced the time between breach and action.

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    TL;DR: Although large ransomware groups have disbanded and security experts are better aware, today’s threats are harder to detect and act faster than ever before.

    Read the full analysis here.

    How to choose the best Anker power station for remote work

    Anker 535 PowerHouse mobile power station.
    Photo: Anker. PowerHouse 535

    Choosing the right generating station to power your business during a power outage or off-road is critical to maintaining a constant connection. However, Patrick Gray provides us with some simple calculations and usage considerations to help you choose the right model to keep operating.

    TL;DR: Consider power, AC output, and number of connection points in your research. Anker power station has many options for many use cases.

    Read the full article here.

    9 things you should not virtualize

    The server has a green light in the data center.
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    Planning to dive into virtual machines? Megan Crouse, TechRepublic’s lead writer for Edge, said not so fast. Virtual machines are not useful for every IT department or every situation. Considering your resources, use cases, and ultimately your organization’s ecosystem is key to getting the right virtualization in place.

    TL;DR: Carefully consider the problem you’re hoping to solve before virtualizing yourself into a security, redundancy, or efficiency vulnerability.

    Read the full article here.

    Phishing attack spoofs Zoom to steal Microsoft user credentials

    fraud and cybercrime concept.  fish hook on computer keyboard.  copy space
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    Attackers are trying to steal Microsoft users’ credentials by sending emails from the Zoom domain. The emails required targets to enter their Microsoft credentials to retrieve messages waiting for them on Zoom. After the target enters their credentials, the attacker can use them to access key accounts.

    TL;DR: Lance Whitney mentions a few ways companies and employees can protect against these types of scams, including using 2-factor authentication for all accounts, terms and conditions. This will render attacks of this form useless.

    Read the full article here.

    5 steps of project management

    A team in the defining and planning phase of project management.
    Image: fake / Pexels

    Lack of resources? Too many requests? Not enough time? These problems can be the end of any project, but your next project could be thwarted by a threat you didn’t expect: poor management. Instead of firing your project manager (in this economy?), make sure they have everything under control with this checklist.

    TL;DR: Madeline Clarke reminds us that a well-planned project, moving step by step through each phase ensures that all stakeholders cooperate based on expectations and agree on the outcome.

    Read the full article here.

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