Surprise! Windows 11 has been rolled out to unsupported PCs! But wait… is that Microsoft’s fault?

    In a big surprise, the Windows 11 update has also started rolling out to unsupported computers. Was it a mistake or did Microsoft change the underlying system requirements? Find out.

    Microsoft recently released the final version of its Windows 11 update. Since its inception, Microsoft has banned older PCs without TPM 2.0 from updating to Windows 11. But surprisingly, the company has provided provide the latest updates to desktop computers that are not officially supported by Windows 11! On June 6, Microsoft rolled out Windows 11 22H2 in the Release Preview Channel. The update includes several features like Mica app for Win32, drag and drop, better Start menu, new Task Manager, etc.

    Last year at launch, Microsoft set strict minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11 while leaving millions of desktops and laptops without the latest updates. To update Windows 11 on your computer or laptop, it requires an 8th Gen Intel processor or higher, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, TPM 2.0 UEFI, and Secure Boot. Well, the rest may not be a big deal but the CPU requirements have prevented many devices from upgrading to the latest operating system.

    But the Windows 11 update has recently started coming to unsupported devices. And soon after this happened, Twitter and Reddit users quickly discovered that hundreds of Windows Insiders were able to upgrade their Windows 10 systems on older CPUs, a new report reports. of Windows mentioned. The report shared glimpses of ‘version 22H2’ appearing on both unsupported Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems subscribed to the Release Preview Channel.

    But that was a mistake by Microsoft!

    Unfortunately, Microsoft has no plans to expand the rollout of Windows 11 updates to any unsupported devices. Microsoft officials tried to clear the air. They say there are no plans to change the requirements and that the update available on unsupported devices is just a bug, the latest Windows report mentioned. The team is investigating the matter, the official said.

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