Strengthening network security –

    Training to help protect organizations from attack.

    The Scottish Government has awarded a £500,000 contract to expand cyber resilience training to more than 250 organizations across the country.

    The funding will enable the Scottish Business Resilience Center (SBRC) to host live and online workshops for public services and third sector health, housing and social care agencies. to ensure they are better prepared and protected.

    Scotland has suffered a number of disruptive large-scale cyberattacks in recent years with developments in Ukraine and the recent COVID lockdown exacerbating the situation.

    The training, which has benefited 450 organizations, covers mock scenarios such as third-party software compromise, ransomware attacks, and threatened sensitive data leaks.

    More than 250 organizations are expected to benefit from the training, which is set to take place ahead of a major summit in Edinburgh as part of the European Cybersecurity Month in October.

    Attorney General Keith Brown, who will speak at the event, said:

    “We have all seen the devastating impact of an organization being the victim of a cyber-related incident, so expanding training to make more people aware of the risk is completely out of the question. importance.

    “The Scottish Government is committed to ensuring Scotland leads in resilience and cybersecurity.

    “This extensive training will help many more organizations stave off attacks and protect against disruptive and costly data breaches.

    “The workshops provide practical guidance for mitigating or responding to hostile cyber attacks. I would urge eligible organizations to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure they are protected. “

    Jude McC Xin, CEO of SBRC, said:

    “There is no denying that the constant pressure everyone faces from a cyber perspective has increased massively in recent years. Just as we see one organization recovering from a cyber incident, another is targeted.

    “It is now also believed that cybercriminals have targeted more than three-quarters of public sector organizations and closer to home, we have seen this happen with a number of large scale attacks. Great disturbance happened in Scotland.

    “We don’t want to see many Scottish organizations fall victim to these attacks and that’s why skills-building and awareness-raising programs continue to be so important.”


    SBRC will act on behalf of the Scottish Government to implement the ‘Exercise in the Box’ program of the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC). It has upskilled 450 organizations across Scotland since it was launched in 2020. Organizations interested in learning more about ‘Exercise in the Box’ are invited to attend a tasting session on August 25. Learn more or sign up here.

    Top five tips for cyber resilience

    1 Improved password security:

    Creating strong, unique passwords and storing them securely is a good way to protect yourself online.

    Use a strong and unique password for your email.

    Weak passwords can be hacked in seconds. Make your sentences stronger, longer, and more memorable by combining three random words you can remember.

    2 Save your password in your browser:

    This is more secure than reusing the same password for all your accounts. Save them to secure them.

    3 Enable 2-Step Verification:

    Two-step verification protects you with a second layer of security that checks if you’re actually signed in. Think of it as a double key for your data. Be sure to double.

    4 Update your device:

    Cybercriminals exploit weaknesses in software and applications to get your information. Update fixes those weaknesses. Think of the update reminder as a wake-up call to take action. Keep safe. Updated frequently.

    5 Back up your data:

    If your phone, tablet or laptop is hacked, you may lose all your personal files including photos and videos. Keep everything safe by backing up. Back it up, keep it safe.

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