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    The new partnership will provide students with additional hands-on training opportunities and tools in cybersecurity.

    As part of the new partnership, San Diego State University’s Cybersecurity and Intelligence Club and Haiku Inc. is expanding hands-on cybersecurity training tools for students. Using Haiku Inc.’s “Training Game,” a critical test and feedback on tactics, tools, and processes will be available to both cybersecurity and homeland security students to help them thrive. intelligent skills in a safe, virtual environment.

    While designed for students studying cybersecurity and national security, the initiative is open to all SDSU students.

    “We are happy to help answer the digital call to empower SDSU students and university colleagues to think more clearly about cybersecurity as a career option or direction of study. , especially the Department of Homeland Security, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and other key infrastructure partners sound the alarm about today’s shortage of cyber talent. growing and the federal workforce is aging,” said Lance Larsonco-director of the SDSU Graduate Program in Homeland Security and teaching advisor to the club.

    Through this initiative, SDSU’s Information Technology (IT) Division will develop a workforce supply program for SDSU students interested in a career in IT security. SDSU will also create a follow-up program for students interested in becoming a student in the university’s IT department. From there, students will be eligible to earn a special Security Sentinel badge, which will qualify them for the opportunity to participate in the SDSU Security Scholarship.

    “World of Haiku is an unsurpassed transformative platform for developing technical cybersecurity skills. Haiku gives us a way to lower the barriers to entry and then provide great jobs for students to practice these highly sought-after skills,” Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Technology SDSU’s information says Jerry Sheehan.

    The partnership will also pave the way for an industry-first case study to evaluate the effectiveness of Haiku Inc’s products. in teaching students cybersecurity skills. Starting in January 2023, research will begin by identifying incoming students’ basic cybersecurity knowledge, then comparing that knowledge with their aptitude after use the product set.

    Students will also be able to use and provide feedback on Haiku Inc’s products, including the cyber security game, World of Haiku, and the live networking range, Haiku Pro.

    World of Haiku is a role-playing game (Role-Playing Game) that trains players in specific cybersecurity skills in line with a certified Ethical Hacker training program. With each assignment, students understand how the Linux operating system works and how to control tools such as JohnTheRipper, Hydra, Nmap, Ping, and SSH.

    Haiku Pro is a revolutionary new app that uses immersive, real-world settings and experiences to help students develop marketable cybersecurity skills. Haiku Pro includes Skillz resumes, allowing students to demonstrate to employers the actual hours they have spent executing actual cybersecurity commands. It also includes a Job Match feature, which will help with job placement by matching students with jobs that require specific skills they’ve developed.

    “We built our Haiku product suite by studying how video games teach skills and reusing those methods to teach hands-on cybersecurity skills. In this way, we have made cybersecurity training much more accessible and attainable,” said founder and CEO of Haiku Inc. said Eric BasuMore. “By partnering with a world-class university, such as SDSU, we are able to combine our hands-on skills training with SDSU’s excellent instructors and best-in-class curriculum. to help students land high-paying careers.”

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