Samsung, Huawei and other Android phone users call for apps to be removed because ‘intrusion bugs’ can empty bank accounts

    Android smartphone users have been urgently warned about downloading apps that may contain intrusive malware, with thousands already thought to be at risk.

    SharkBot, which can steal logins and banking credentials, has returned to the Google Play Store, after cybercriminals evaded strict security measures – with apps only infected error after being downloaded and installed.

    The virus, which first appeared in March earlier this year, has infiltrated two apps that Android users are being asked to delete immediately for their own safety.

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    The Daily Record reports that the Mister Phone Cleaner app and the Kylhavy Mobile Security app were both found to be infected with malware, according to software experts Fox-IT who first discovered it. Express added that Google has banned these apps since then, but anyone with the software still on their phone or tablet should act quickly to avoid falling victim to cybercrime.

    Once accidentally installed, SharkBot can take money from mobile banking accounts, and also create bogus login credentials for online services so hackers can steal sensitive information like username and password. Speaking about the attack, Alberto Segura of Fox-IT said: “This new version requires victims to install malware in the form of a fake update so that the antivirus is always protected against threats. threaten.

    “We found two active SharkbotDopper apps in the Google Play Store, with 10k and 50k installs each. On August 22, 2022, Fox-IT’s Threat Intelligence team found a new model of Sharkbot with version 2.25; previously mentioned command-and-server communication.

    “This version of Sharkbot introduced a new feature to steal session cookies from victims logging into their bank accounts.”

    If you think you may have downloaded these apps then make sure you remove them immediately and check for any permissions you may have given it. You should also check your bank account for any strange transactions – no matter how small or large.

    How to delete apps on Android:
    1. Open the Google Play Store app.
    2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
    3. Tap Manage apps and devices. Manage.
    4. Tap the name of the app you want to delete.
    5. Click Uninstall.

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