Refurbished tech saves money for Muslim shoppers

    MESA, AZ – A shiny new laptop for the school year would be great, but when many families’ pockets are squeezed out by rising costs, it may not fit everyone’s budget. everyone.

    Shoppers find that buying refurbished tech will save them hundreds of dollars before the school year.

    We stopped by Revive IT in Mesa to see what kind of tech items were on sale.

    Manager Ken Thompson says the store offers laptops, desktops, monitors and more.

    Thompson said the store is recycled, high-quality equipment from businesses willing to upgrade.

    Recycling units are typically two to six years old. Then the Revive IT team started working.

    “We take those units. We fix them. We install our own hardware into them,” explains Thompson.

    They then sell them at stores located near Mesa Drive and Southern Avenue.

    That’s savings that can really add up, especially if more and more people in a household need separate appliances.

    “A PC with the performance and hardware you see here will be about 40%-60% cheaper than new machines in a retail store,” says Thompson.

    Each computer also comes with its own device report card so shoppers can open it up and see what the device can do.

    They also offer a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

    Microsoft and Apple have also revamped the options on their websites.

    The models are newer so they cost more. But it’s another option to help families save as the school year gets going.

    For location and more information, click here.

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