Nikon will reportedly join Canon in ending development on high-end DSLR cameras

    Enlarge / Nikon’s D6 is arguably the company’s last DSLR.


    Nikkei Asia reports that camera maker Nikon will stop further developing its line of single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras, leaving behind longtime generations of professionals and shifting its efforts to mirrorless models. smaller flip.

    For its part, Nikon denounced the report as “speculative” and stressed that the company “continues to manufacture, sell, and service digital SLRs.” But this rebuttal doesn’t refer to future developments in SLR cameras — the company’s last new DSLR, the Nikon D6, was released in February 2020 and the company has discontinued the camera. DSLR D3500 and D5600 last month. The Nikkei report indicates that Nikon’s development efforts will shift to mirrorless, smaller and lighter cameras.

    Early mirrorless cameras often couldn’t match the image quality or lens selection of DSLRs, and their electronic viewfinders lag behind the real-time preview that optical viewfinders offer. of DSLR cameras can provide. But newer mirrorless cameras have largely addressed those shortcomings while retaining a smaller size and lighter weight. Mirrorless cameras also often offer superior video quality, which is useful for those who need their camera for multitasking.

    Nikon’s biggest competitor in the dedicated camera business, Canon, has also indicated that it is scaling back its DSLR development efforts; The company announced in late 2021 that the EOS-1D X Mark III would be their last professional DSLR model. Canon will also shift focus to its mirrorless lineup, though it will continue to develop and manufacture entry-level DSLRs “for the time being”.

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