Nikon Coolpix P950 Superzoom Camera with 83x 2000mm . zoom

    Nikon has officially announced the refresh of the Coolpix P900 superzoom camera, and while the newly announced Coolpix P950 won’t be the most powerful in the lineup when it comes to zoom capabilities, it can still deliver zoom power. 83x, equivalent to 2000mm on a 35mm camera. The strongest in the product line is still the Coolpix P1000 with a diameter equivalent to 3000mm.

    While optical zoom up to 2000mm is possible, there is something called Dynamic Fine Zoom that enhances the digital zoom to effectively bring it up to 4000mm. Of course, while zooming in, there is quite a bit of shake and that’s why Nikon has provided Dual Detect Optical Stabilization to help zoom and take steady shots even when the camera is handheld. .

    The Nikon Coolpix P950 has a 16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch sensor unchanged from its predecessor, but has a much better viewfinder this time around, with a higher-resolution 2.4-million-dot EVF. The vari-angle LCD screen makes it easy to view the frame from multiple angles, including the front of the camera.

    Also, the big change here is for videographers as the new camera supports 4K video at 30fps, which is ideal enough for high-resolution wildlife videos. What remains the same from the P900 is the ability to capture images at up to 7 fps, RAW/JPEG image support, and ISO up to 6400.

    Nikon Coolpix P950 . Zoom Camera

    Nikon Coolpix P950 Top

    To make it easier for zoom enthusiasts, there are dedicated modes for Birdwatching and Moon shooting, and you can easily select them from the mode dial. There are other features such as Target Detection Autofocus and Subject Tracking, and an intelligent portrait system that corrects red-eye, improves autofocus when capturing faces, and has advanced modes. for better portrait photography.

    Connectivity is with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and the SnapBridge app-enabled Nikon is provided here to transfer photos taken with a smart device for social sharing.

    Nikon Coolpix P950 LCD

    The Nikon Coolpix P950 will be available in February and the price is set at $800. See the full CES 2020 range.

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