NEXCOM ISA 140 Brings Cybersecurity to Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturers

    Compact and fanless design ensures quick execution without shutdowns or infrastructure upgrades

    While the benefits of consolidating IT and OT resources are clear, convergence also brings significant cybersecurity risks.”

    – Peter Yang, Chairman

    FREMONT, CA, USA, October 3, 2022 / – NEXCOM, the world’s leading provider of networking equipment, today announced the launch of NEXCOM ISA 140, a next-generation security solution. followed to support industrial security appliances designed to meet the unique challenges of operational technology (OT) security.

    Peter Yang, President of NEXCOM, said: “Cybersecurity is a top priority for businesses today, but while IT security has improved, operational technology is used to monitor and control network operations. industrial processes have not received much attention,” said Peter Yang, President of NEXCOM. “As digital transformation efforts accelerate in the manufacturing industry, this problem will only get worse, making Industry 4.0 a target for cybercriminals.”

    NEXCOM’s industry-specific solution, ISA 140 for industrial security applications, is used for micro-segmentation and packet inspection on OT networks. The ISA 140 is powered by Intel’s latest dual-code Atom processor. The compact, fanless design makes it easy to install without costly plant shutdowns or infrastructure upgrades. When ISA 140 is in use, innovative out-of-band (OOB) remote management and bypass functionality allow OT security personnel to maintain devices without disrupting the network.

    One of the key additions that digital transformation has brought to modern factories is the implementation of IoT technology. This includes data acquisition sensors that provide real-time monitoring and data analysis of manufacturing processes. IoT technology is helping the industry to collect and use data from traditional non-intelligent manufacturing assets to improve reporting, scheduling and maintenance, process optimization, etc.

    “While the benefits of consolidating IT and OT resources are clear, convergence also brings significant cybersecurity risks,” said Peter Yang. “A smart factory is operating in real time, leaving its OT networks hacked and the manufacturer at risk operating in real time. In the past, OT has been difficult to protect, as legacy equipment cannot easily be equipped with security software, and partnering with OT vendors on cybersecurity presents another layer of risk.”

    The biggest factor driving OT security risk by far is the technical limitations of OT endpoints, legacy systems not designed with cybersecurity best practices in mind. Many manufacturers also run on proprietary operating systems, making it impossible to install new security software solutions designed to repel the latest threats. However, any device with a network connection can become a potential entry point for a cyber attack and must be protected.

    A blank sheet of paper is available.

    • Intel Atom x6212RE industrial grade processor (Elkhart Lake)
    • Memory up to 16GB
    • 1 GbE x 6 w / 1 bypass pair, 1 OOB port supported
    • SMA x 4 . antenna
    • Internal interface
    o M.2 key slot B M.2 2242 x 1
    o B-key slot M.2 3042 x 1
    o Minicard x 1 . full size slot
    o Micro SIM slot x 1
    • Operating temperature -30⁰C – 70⁰C
    • Fanless design

    To learn more, please visit the NEXCOM website.

    About NEXCOM
    Founded in 1992, NEXCOM integrates its capabilities and operates eight global businesses, namely Industrial Networks, Smart Platforms @ Smart Cities, Smart Video Security, Power Solutions Mobile computing, Medical and Healthcare Informatics, Network and Communication Solutions, Smart Manufacturing and Open Robots and Machines. The implementation of this strategy enables NEXCOM to deliver the right products and services to the market, to the right time, and to solutions without compromising on cost.

    Peter Yang
    +1 5103862266

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