Nex Computer Launches NexPad: Portable Screens That Can Stack On A Laptop Screen

    ANGLES–(BUSINESS LINE)–Nex Computer LLC today announced the launch of the NexPad: a portable display with built-in magnets that can be attached to a laptop for a vertical dual monitor setup.

    Research shows that using dual monitors increases productivity. However, using screens side by side is not always optimal due to the large distance between the screens, which reduces visibility. Side-by-side setups also extend beyond everyone’s peripheral vision, which can lead to neck fatigue.

    NexPad’s solution is a second monitor at a higher height that can reduce neck fatigue and help improve posture, productivity and convenience.

    “We are launching NexPad to enable modern professionals to be more productive in a more mobile work environment,” said Emre Kosmaz, CEO and founder of Nex Computer. in any industry can now enjoy the extra screen space to free themselves from a traditional desk setup by taking advantage of the flexibility and efficiency offered by the NexPad.”

    The innovative NexPad also lets you get the most out of multiple smartphones simply by plugging them into its USB-C port. NexPad’s strong magnets allow you to securely attach your smartphone as a secondary display.

    The NexPad features a sleek aluminum body, a 12-inch full HD IPS touchscreen with ultra-narrow bezels, built-in magnets, and a stand with an embedded USB-C cable slot.

    Price and availability:

    The NexPad is available to order now for $249 USD on

    About Nex Calculator:

    We want to change the way people use computers through an innovative concept: “brain in your pocket”. We envision a world where we carry only smartphones with us, which can connect to any screen in the world to turn them into tablets, laptops and desktops. .

    At Nex Computer, we are at the forefront of this movement and leading the world in innovation with NexDock, NexPad and NexMonitor.

    Nex Computer LLC is privately held and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

    Additional NexPad product photos, as well as all other Nex Computer products, are available at

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