New iPhone iOS 16 update coming soon

    With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicking off in less than eight weeks, we’re seeing some hints about what features are expected to arrive in iOS 16.

    Apple won’t just showcase the next big release of its iPhone operating system on stage on June 6; it is also expected to have its first developer beta ready for release. So it makes sense to have more than a few developers and internal engineers running beta or “alpha” very early.

    Although we still don’t have a glimpse of what iOS 16 will actually be look like, Mark Gurman shared a few tidbits about the new version’s features.

    Gurman said the next iOS release is codenamed “Sydney” and is expected to include “some pretty significant improvements across the board”.

    However, if you were hoping for a significant redesign of the iOS user interface, you’ll be disappointed. Things haven’t changed much since iOS 7, but Gurman suggests Apple is happy with the current design.

    However, that’s not too surprising. Even the major redesign for iOS 7 in 2013 was said to have as much to do with internal Apple politics as anything else. The original iPhone user interface was designed by Scott Forstall, who appeared last year. It’s a polarizing look that many other executives are said to hate, so when Jony Ive took the helm of iOS design, it was the first thing to do, purely in principle.

    Gurman said the two most important changes will be “updates to notifications and new health-monitoring features”. Although he did not elaborate on the announcement changes, everyone at 9to5Mac did some digging myself and discovered some interesting Focus Mode improvements.

    Change focus mode

    The first hints of these changes can be found in code hidden in the betas of iOS 15.5 and macOS 12.4, both of which were released to developers earlier this month. Both seem to include warning messages suggesting that iOS 16 will introduce new Focus Modes that won’t be compatible with devices running older versions of the operating system.

    The Focus Mode setting can be copied across all your devices. For example, set the “Work” mode on your iPhone and your Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch will automatically switch to the same mode.

    This causes problems if iOS 16 and macOS 13 introduce new Focus Mode features that aren’t available in iOS 15 or macOS 12. Upgrade your iPhone to iOS 16 and let your Mac run macOS 12 Monterey and some things won’t sync between the two platforms.

    For example, a string 9to5Mac found in iOS 15.5 says, “Using this Focus permission list will cause these settings to be lost on your other devices with newer software.” This suggests that at least one existing Focus Mode feature – which allows access by specific users or apps when notifications are muted – will be handled differently in iOS 16.

    Similarly, another thread in the iOS 15.5 beta warns when “devices with newer software are up to date [a] Focus on using new profiles that this device does not support. In this case, the user is required to update their iPhone to the “latest software” (which would be iOS 16) or “use the allowed list for this Focus”.

    9to5Mac found similar code in Apple News that hints at a new type of content coming to iOS 16. Two strings suggest that older devices won’t be able to view certain types of Apple News content, with iOS 15.5 or requires users to “update device to view this content” or “News is no longer fully supported on older devices”.

    The second warning is presumably for iPhone models that can’t be updated to iOS 16. This provides the first solid hint we’ve seen that Apple will be leaving at least some models behind this year, but it’s a no-brainer. another thing that shouldn’t come as a surprise; The last time Apple dropped support for older iPhone models was when it released iOS 13 in 2019. Apple set a new record by continuing to support the 2015 generation iPhone 6s for almost seven years, so the By the way, it still exists. at the time of the loan.

    Health tracking feature

    Follow Power on newsletter, Gurman shared some additional details in Bloomberg about “new health tracking features”.

    Gurman says the updated version of the Health app will add “extended sleep tracking, medication management, and new women’s health features.”

    Sources say that Apple is working on a “drug administration tool” that will remind users to take their medication using machine learning features. The aim is to allow users to “scan their vial into the app” and then to figure out how they have to take their medication, track compliance and remind them accordingly. However, Gurman said that iOS 16 “is not likely to include all of the planned functionality.”

    Meanwhile, the “female health characteristics” Gurman mentioned could be related to reports of a new temperature sensor, which multiple sources are now saying will focus exclusively on monitoring. fertility and family planning.

    [The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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