Netography Fusion Advances Network Security and Visibility with many updates

    Netography Fusion Advances Network Security and Visibility with many updates

    By William Toll, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

    As we announced earlier, today we announced the release of several new features of the Netography Fusion® platform, with a focus on new functionality and new customer experiences. The latest release is a huge effort by our engineering, UI/UX and product teams, and we’ve put together this blog to give you a little more detail on the capabilities and fields. use case.

    Context Labels
    Widespread use of tags and labels with context-based categorization continues to enable teams to have better, faster analysis, decisions, and reporting for the hyper-scale multi-cloud world we live in. . Netography now supports importing tags and labels across your Atomic Network – legacy, on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge environments. With this new release, you can import and synchronize your labels from cloud service providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud), endpoints through integration with CrowdStrike Falcon and other systems via CSV template and data in an S3 bucket. With context labels, your Netography Fusion gateway and interactions have more context and enable new use cases like policy-driven network security and visibility, and faster rollout to analysts. and new feedback for your team.

    Contextual capabilities

    • Import and sync labels and tags across your infrastructure with Netography Fusion.
    • Take advantage of context labels in your NQL (Netography Query Language) with full search support and the ability to create dashboards with context.
    • Leverage context labels in your NDM (Network Discovery Model) with actions that can run specific conditions using context labels.

    Contextual use cases
    Apply policy-driven security:
    With Netoraphy Fusion, using the same context labels found in your organization’s other infrastructure and security applications, we enable organizations to significantly reduce their cyber threat risk and policy violations with powerful analytics and remediation automation through search, dashboards, alerts, custom detection, and integrations.

    Greater visibility and perspective for analysts:
    Teams in your organization with security responsibilities can respond faster to cyber threats with greater confidence. With today’s complex networks and applications deployed on global infrastructure and services, your newer analysts and responders may struggle with context and traffic flow insights. network for cloud applications and services. With context labels, they can now have an “app” or “compliance” view just like your more experienced team members.

    Respond faster to forensic and inspection requests:
    With Netography Fusion’s tagging and contextual labeling in sync with your cloud and backend systems, you’ll be able to enforce controls over specific compliance requirements. And your teams can isolate and analyze the network security of specific applications, offices and data center locations, business units, compliance requirements, or deployment environments. Forensic and audit teams appreciate Netography Fusion’s ability to have zero-loop visibility and flexible data retention policies to investigate incidents and understand attack paths.

    Intersections for NQL
    NQL allows security teams to search for added stream records and create, save, and use custom searches. Netography Fusion users will now be able to combine queries. This will save time and ensure more accuracy and consistency for analysts and other users. Plus, with Netography Fusion’s comprehensive tagging and contextual labeling, your teams can visualize networks by application, location, compliance group, or any other diagram. The UX/UI is designed by network and security professionals and features a number of unique, time-saving data points that allow analysts to “turn around” quickly, saving time and fatigue. . Your analysts will quickly be able to answer questions like: “Who is talking to whom? Through which gate? Is it blocked or not? Where will that data go? “

    New responsiveness
    We now provide built-in support for TLS Syslog output, enabling event integration with larger numbers of SIEMs and third-party ticketing platforms. We strive to support security teams with their existing security stack and workflow. Many of our customers have feedback and processing teams right in the Netography Fusion platform with our support for BGP, Flowspec via BPG for scalpel accuracy, APIs, and DNS orchestration. With our flexibility, other teams can respond and remediate using their SIEM or SOAR platforms like Splunk or IBM QRadar.

    Updated Netography Fusion UX
    Our customer experience and solutions engineers enjoy interacting with customers and understanding their use cases, feature requests, and interface recommendations. Some of the more important updates include:

    • The Netography Fusion IP Explorer and Attack Surface screens now support historical time periods.
    • NQL now supports a history view, allowing users to quickly start a new NQL based on recent NQLs that have not been saved in the NQL list.
    • Alerts are now listed as “events.” There is also a new event summary page that aggregates events based on the detection model that generated the event/alert, as well as a new graphical view of number of events/alerts over time.
    • Stream Source redesign. Device and cloud provider configurations are merging into the new Stream Source view. There is now a single page to view all the details of your stream source configuration or to add new stream sources.
    • Integrations are now presented in a more unified and consistent manner.

    We look forward to receiving feedback on these new features and improvements from our customers and community, and the teams are working rapidly on the next series of updates. Want more information? Email us to request a quick demo.

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