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    With the goal of promoting diversity and inclusion in artificial intelligence, MIT Computer University Stephen A. Schwarzman is launching Break Through Tech AI, a new program aimed at closing the talent gap for women and girls. Gender is not represented in AI positions in the industry.

    Break Through Tech AI will provide skills-based training, industry-relevant portfolios, and mentoring to qualified college students in the Greater Boston area to position them more competitively for careers in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The free 18-month program will also provide each student with a stipend to participate in an effort to reduce barriers for those who would not normally be able to participate in an unpaid extracurricular educational opportunity.

    “Helps position students from diverse backgrounds for success in fields like data science, computing,” said Daniel Huttenlocher, dean of the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing and Henry Ellis Warren Professor of Electrical Engineering. Science and Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. “We look forward to partnering with students from across the Greater Boston area to provide them with the skills and mentoring to help them find a career in this competitive and growing industry.”

    The school is partnering with Break Through Tech – a national initiative launched in 2016 by Cornell Tech to increase the number of women and low-skilled groups graduating in computer science – to organize and run the program. program locally. In addition to Boston, the first artificial intelligence and machine learning program will be offered in two other metropolitan areas – one in New York hosted by Cornell Tech and one in Los Angeles hosted by the University of California at the School of Engineering. Samuel Los Angeles.

    Judith Spitz, chief executive officer of Break Through Tech, said: “Break Through Tech’s success in diversifying computer science degree and career pursuits has changed lives and industries.” . “With our new collaborators, we can apply our impact model to promote inclusion and diversity in artificial intelligence.”

    The new program will begin this summer at MIT with an eight-week, skills-based online course and live lab experience that teaches industry-relevant tools to build AI solutions in the world. real world. Students will learn how to analyze datasets and use several popular machine learning libraries to build, train, and deploy their own ML models in a business context.

    After the summer course, students will participate in challenging machine learning projects that they will convene monthly at MIT and work in teams to build solutions and collaborate with mentors or industry mentors. throughout the school year, resulting in a portfolio of quality work-resumes. Participants will also be paired with young professionals in the field to help build their networks, prepare their portfolios, practice for interviews and hone their skills on-site. work.

    Asu Ozdaglar, associate dean of the MIT Schwarzman College of Computer Science and head of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Ozdaglar will be the MIT faculty director for Break Through Tech AI. The industrial projects will be overseen by Aude Oliva, director of industry strategy engagement at MIT Schwarzman Computer College.

    “The school is committed to making computing inclusive and accessible to all. We are excited to host this program at MIT for the Greater Boston area and do what we can to help increase diversity in the computing fields,” added Ozdaglar.

    Break Through Tech AI is part of the MIT Schwarzman Computer University’s focus on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in computing. The College aims to improve and create programs and activities that expand participation in computer classes and degree programs, increase the diversity of top applicants in the fields of computing and ensure that graduate admissions and faculty search processes include diverse applicant pools and interviews.

    “By participating in activities like Break Through Tech AI which aims to improve the environment for underrepresented groups, we are taking an important step towards creating a more welcoming environment where all members can innovate and grow,” said Alana Anderson, assistant dean for diversity, equity and inclusion for the Schwarzman College of Computing.

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