Microsoft Starts Pushing Windows 11 Gadget Notifications on Taskbar


    Microsoft will roll out notifications for the Weather, Finance, Sports, and Breaking News widgets in Windows 11 starting this week. Windows 11 users will see these as animations directly to their widgets on the taskbar. (Thanks to The Verge for the important comments.)

    Microsoft revealed its plans to enable the feature in a short note in its Windows 11 release status document, posted at 11 p.m. on August 16. For Windows 11 users who have the extension enabled, Your taskbar will show the most weather, but when something important happens involving one of your other widgets, you can see a notification from that widget on your taskbar “, the document explains.

    While users can turn off widgets in Windows 11, they can’t seem to turn off notifications directly. I’ve asked Microsoft if there’s a way to manually turn off widget notifications, but no word so far. Like The Verge note, constantly updating widgets like stock tickers can be distracting on the taskbar.

    Update (August 23): A spokesperson told me that “Microsoft has gone ahead and updated its release notes to include: ‘At this time, it is not possible to turn off Widget notifications. Microsoft is constantly listening, learning, and celebrating. welcomes customer feedback that helps shape Windows.”

    Microsoft is rolling out announcements through an update to the Windows Web Experience Pack. The package is one of the few different ways Microsoft officials have said they will use to deliver updated features for Windows 11. Earlier this year, company officials said they plan to do so. Windows 11 feature updates are infrequent whenever they decide to do so, despite their commitment to 2021 providing a single release of Feature Updates for Windows 11 each year.

    Microsoft will likely move to a new service model with Windows 11 after releasing Windows 11 22H2 this fall, according to a report earlier this year. If Windows CentralThe information of the information is correct, Microsoft may be planning to release new larger versions of Windows every three years, starting in 2024, with four smaller feature update groups, called “” Moments,” annually between major releases.

    Today’s widget announcement kickoff shows that Microsoft is going ahead with its plans to deliver scheduled feature updates less predictably and faster than some users – especially business ones. – may wish. But Microsoft officials seem to think that more feature updates are better than planned, fewer ones, and seem to be moving Windows in that direction.

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