Microsoft says the internal upgrade to Windows 11 is one of the ‘smoothest’ it’s ever seen

    What you need to know

    • Microsoft has updated its 190,000 PCs to Windows 11.
    • The company says the upgrade process is “for the most part considered the smoothest” it has had.
    • An unspecified number of Microsoft PCs were not upgraded to Windows 11.

    Windows 11 started rolling out last year, and Microsoft has been hard at work getting its own systems to run the new operating system. The company recently shared details (opens in a new tab) about upgrading to Windows 11, including their 190,000 PCs currently running on the operating system. Microsoft’s Lukas Velush explains that the upgrade to Windows 11 is “largely considered the smoothest” Microsoft has ever had.

    Velush credits a seamless transition thanks to a number of factors: good application compatibility, not requiring large amounts of disk images, and the use of tools that have been refined and improved during the rollout Windows 10.

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