Microsoft is ready to let Windows 11 users install third-party widgets from the Store

    According to new findings, Microsoft is preparing to allow third-party developers to create and distribute custom Windows 11 widgets using the Microsoft Store. FireCube (@FireCubeStudios) discovered evidence of an upcoming feature upgrade in a widgets manifest update (FireCube discovered a similar leak in January of this year).

    Third-party services will make the Windows Widgets space much more useful in everyday use. For now, it only offers some basic first-party widgets, such as calendar, to-do list, photos from OneDrive, weather, traffic, etc. The lack of support from other developers makes Windows Widget look like half-baked. and not ready for the big moment, especially compared to the rich widget ecosystem on iOS and Android.

    You can access Windows Widgets by pressing Win + W, clicking the widget button on the taskbar, or swiping from the left edge of the screen. Microsoft also uses the bottom left corner of the screen to display the weather in the taskbar, and many users want the company to allow the weather to be replaced with a third-party choice.

    During the most recent Windows 11 event, Microsoft also introduced an updated Windows Widgets space with a full-screen user interface, which will provide more screens to house all the third-party widgets from manufacturers. your favorite development. That is, of course, if those developers are willing to develop widgets for Windows 11.

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