Microsoft decides Windows 11 is ready for everyone to use

    Almost 11 months after its release, and Microsoft decided Windows 11 was in good enough shape for anyone to install and use. That is, assuming your PC meets the requirements to run the OS.

    As Neowin reports(Opens in a new window)Windows Health Dashboard changed the status of Windows 11 this week to “specified for widespread deployment .”(Opens in a new window). “It basically means that Microsoft believes that the operating system is now powerful enough that all new computers can use it, and that anyone who stops upgrading from Windows 10 should activate it.

    Whether your PC is capable of running Windows 11 can be determined using Microsoft’s PC Health Checker app(Opens in a new window). Some Microsoft employees can’t even upgrade to Windows 11, so you definitely need to check before trying to upgrade. If you can, there are some very good reasons to switch to Microsoft’s latest operating system as soon as possible.

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    Microsoft would love to get more people to use Windows 11, especially when you consider that it’s currently less popular than Windows 7. Certain requirements, such as your PC needing TPM 2.0, mean that in many cases If so, upgrading is simply not possible. Still, it’s a good reason to go out and treat yourself to a new desktop or laptop.

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