Microsoft Brings Notifications Widget To All Windows 11 Users

    Although Windows 11 22H2, the first major update to the operating system, is supposed to be out in late September 2022, Microsoft continues to include some of its features in the initial Windows 11 release. . The company has begun rolling out an update to the Windows Web Experience Pack that supports Windows Widgets and enables taskbar widget notifications.

    With the latest Web Experience Pack update, Windows 11 will display more relevant and direct content on the taskbar. Besides the weather forecast, users will notice information from other widgets such as sports, finance or breaking news. The taskbar will continue to show the weather most of the time, occasionally changing to other widgets when something important happens. If the user doesn’t interact with the notifications, the taskbar reverts to showing the weather forecast.

    Microsoft says receiving an updated version of the Windows Web Experience Pack will take days or weeks as the company rolls out new features gradually rather than to all customers at once. If you’re new to Windows 11 and its widgets, check out the official documentation that describes Windows Widget capabilities, personalization options, notifications, and other features.

    Notification Widget is a nice addition to the existing capabilities of Windows 11, but many users agree that Windows Widget needs more polish. The Feedback Hub is filled with ideas (and complaints) from users, and you can find the top 10 features and changes customers want to Windows Widgets in our dedicated post.

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