Mahdi Pourzaferani has been providing network security to n number of organizations for over a decade

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    Mahdi Pourzaferani has been providing network security to n number of organizations for over a decade

    What is network security? Cybersecurity protects your network and data from breaches, intrusions, and other threats. Cybersecurity involves access control, viruses and anti-virus software, application security, network analytics, network-related security types (endpoints, web, wireless), walls fire, VPN encryption and more.

    Basically cybersecurity is important to everyone. We can’t risk losing our data just in time when people keep their important information on computers. This is where Mahdi Pourzaferani and more people like him come in the picture and save us all. Mahdi is a professional blockchain entrepreneur, developer and programmer based in the UK. He founded an IT security company Five million. He wants to inspire the next generation through his journey of becoming a self-made programmer.

    Mahdi’s network programming skills have helped improve part of the world’s most famous games. Now, he’s turned his focus to a significantly more productive experiment: creating and coming up with new ways to tackle cybersecurity. He is in charge of security and performance of two eSports teams

    at OpTic Gaming and Network Programmer at EA Sports. This responsibility has given his career the direction he needs to be. Mahdi is clear that he cannot go wrong with the importance of security and trust in such a work environment. His performance as an eSports programmer got him thinking about the reality of providing much-needed security-related opportunities to organizations of all types.

    He had the opportunity to develop new cyber security practices at OpTic Gaming and EA Sports. Mahdi got his call and is continuing to make it till date.

    Mahdi shared the importance of preventing your network from any kind of security threats like data loss, vandalism and theft. “Ten years ago, we didn’t have the tools to give networks effective defenses of their own. Now, we are in a position to develop them. I’m excited about the prospect of the work I’ve done to date in this field, and I can’t wait to share the results with the world.” Mahdi Pourzaferani said.

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