M-Trends 2022: Cybersecurity metrics, insights and guidance from the front line

    The modern threat landscape is enormous. Cyberattacks related to the conflict in Ukraine are on the rise. Critical and widespread vulnerabilities such as “Log4Shell” pose great risks due to the complexity of patching. Cybercriminals are conducting sophisticated ransomware and extortion operations at an accelerating rate.

    The work of the cybersecurity community is never finished, but our willingness to continue working is paying off. This is reflected in the latest edition of our annual report, M-Trends® 2022was released today.

    Let’s start with the big question we know everyone wants to know: Do organizations detect attacks faster?

    The answer is yes. We’re pleased to announce that from October 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021, the global average pause (time from compromise to discovery) is now 21 days — down compared to 24 days in the previous reporting period. The global average length of stay of three weeks is an important milestone; However, identified attackers only need a few days to achieve their goals, so organizations must stay alert and ready to respond.

    M trend 2022 Contains all the metrics, insights, and guidance the cybersecurity industry expects, including:

    • Linux malware upgrade: New malware families effectively tracked on Linux have grown to 11% in 2021 from 8% in 2020. Furthermore, observed malware families effective on Linux have increased to 18% in 2021 from 13% in 2020.
    • Other threats: We’ve started tracking over 1,100 new threat actors and more than 700 new malware families over the past year, and there’s no sign that this trend will slow down anytime soon.
    • Targeting ransomware: Financially motivated attackers are increasingly targeting virtualized environments with ransomware, and there are strategies that can be implemented to mitigate the risk.
    • Multiple threat actors in the workplace: Whether working individually or together, more than one distinct group of threats was identified in an environment in a quarter of our investigation — a trend we expect to increase.
    • Digging a little deeper: The deployment of cryptocurrency miners by a financially motivated threat group led to the discovery of two country-states in the same environment, highlighting the need for investigations. check has appropriate scope
    • Minimize misconfiguration: We have observed various compromises due to misconfiguration when using on-premises Active Directory with Azure Active Directory to achieve an integrated unique identity solution.

    For more than a decade, the mission of US trend always the same: provide security experts with insights into the latest attacker activity as seen live on the front lines, backed by actionable lessons to improve your organization’s security posture in the face of evolving threats.

    Download M Trend 2022 right now, re.g. register today to participate M-Trends virtual conference 2022 on April 27 to get a closer look at the data and insights in this year’s report, and listen to M Trend 2022 audio file.

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