Latest Windows 11 update breaks some apps! WATCH, you may also be affected

    Windows 11 update bug has negatively affected some antivirus apps! Do you have this latest Windows 11 update?

    It’s been more than half a year since Microsoft released its latest Windows 11 operating system. Users were a bit skeptical in the early days of Windows 11’s launch due to some reported issues, but as Microsoft started rolling out new updates, the bugs and issues that users reported started to resolve. Of course, that’s what the updates mean! But there’s this latest Windows 11 update that’s been buggy and has caused some important parts of Trend Micro’s (third-party) antivirus and security products to be negatively affected. After the update, an affected antivirus was reported to be unable to complete its virus scan.

    This is due to some kind of bug in the latest update, identified as Windows 11 KB5014019. Although, the exact reason behind the failure to complete this virus scan is still unclear, but Trend Micro, the cybersecurity software company, stated that the problem is related to a feature that used in its anti-virus protection engine, called User Mode Hooking (UMH), a latest Windows report reveals.

    Does this new Windows 11 update affect you?

    KB5014019 is an optional update that does not come with security features. Optional updates, also known as Microsoft’s C updates, are typically offered on the third or fourth week of each month. Optional updates on Windows Update are clearly labeled “preview”.

    In this case, KB5014019 adds several new features, including desktop support for Windows Spotlight, intended to launch with version 22H2 of Windows. According to Microsoft, optional updates will not be pushed to all client systems. Optional updates, on the other hand, allow users to try out non-security-related changes that the company plans to release on Tuesday’s patch next month.

    How to restore the capabilities of this antivirus application on Windows 11

    Thankfully, unlike regular Windows Patch Tuesday updates, this affected Windows 11 preview update is optional. These updates are released to test bug fixes and performance improvements before general mass release. Windows users should check for themselves by going to Windows Update features in Settings. Note that this update will not be installed until you tap ‘Download now’.

    However, client and server versions of Windows are affected, with issues reported on systems running Windows 11, Windows 10 version 1809, and Windows Server 2022. Customers have optional Windows patches installed. it is recommended to temporarily uninstall or contact support to debug UMH this module will restore the functionality of the security solution.

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