iPhone 11 will stop production because iPhone 14 is released?

    Apple may abandon the iPhone 11. Here’s why.

    The iPhone 11 may be counting its final days. This iPhone has completed three years since its launch – it first launched in 2019. And now, Apple is preparing to bring the new iPhone 14 series on September 7. That means you will There are more diverse options available. However, its direct impact will be seen on some previous iPhone models, especially the iPhone 11, which may be discontinued by Apple. In the past, we’ve seen the iPhone 8 and iPhone XR scrapped. The same norm is expected to apply to the iPhone 11 now. Several experts and reports have hinted at the end of the iPhone 11 era. Should you be worried? First, let’s know the reason behind the expected iPhone 11 discontinuation.

    Apple may stop producing iPhone 11 because…

    • Apple doesn’t keep any iPhone for more than three years! A report by Tom’s Guide suggests, “Apple also rarely keeps a phone longer than three years after its release date. The iPhone 11, announced in September 2019, is rapidly approaching the Sale date, so, It’s pretty safe bet it’ll be rotated out of the lineup this fall.”
    • iPhone 11 does not support 5G. Yes, that is a big deal now in the era of 5G technology, when most other brands are launching their 5G smartphones.
    • The iPhone 11 is a bit outdated before the latest technology on the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13. The older LCD screen and camera sensor may not appeal to many iPhone fans.

    Will the iPhone 11 be available for purchase after production is discontinued?

    Discontinuing iPhone production simply means that Apple will no longer offer you to buy it on their website. However, even if Apple stops offering the iPhone 11, you can still find it on some online retailers and e-commerce sites while stocks last, as reported by Tom’s Guide. Another good news is that Apple has not announced anything regarding the discontinuation of previous iPhone models. So there is still hope!

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