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    When the pandemic hit our shores a few years ago, many of us were swept inside, doomed to endless Zoom meetings. At the time, Canon released a beta of EOS Webcam Utility, and then almost forgot about it after that. Until today. In a move of “oh my gosh Canon, this will be so helpful two years ago”, the company has released EOS Webcam Utility Pro software, so that you can finally display high-resolution clarity with great detail. Canon support.

    Canon claims that “millions of users” are already using EOS Webcam Utility for streaming and conferencing, and the “professional” installation of the software allows you to pay the company (yay!) and “unlock exclusive features that take video communication and customization to the next level.”

    Forgive the irony; Canon’s EOS cameras are a legit premium and high-quality product and its lens line-up continues to be world-class, so if you really want to bring out every pore and every lash that grows… skewed, then Canon has, uh, ahead of you.

    The subscription version of the software will set you back $4.99 per month or $50 per year. It lets you connect multiple cameras, unlocks wireless connections, and provides additional camera and content control. It increases the available frame rate to 60fps, and you can push video streams to multiple channels at once, such as YouTube, Facebook Live, and others. The new software also includes layout options, watermarks, transitions, and more.

    Now, if those are important to you, you’ve probably discovered the free OBS software and a host of other paid solutions that come in varying degrees of complexity and feature sets. But you know. classic.

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