How to Make the Canon EOS R Mk II a Fantastic Camera

    Four years have passed since the introduction of the Canon EOS R. It’s long enough for you to go through the standard years of American college. That may feel like eternity in the world of cameras, but Canon has always aimed for sustainability and longer product life. So, the fact that they regularly drop camera prices makes us think that the Canon EOS R Mk II will be launched soon. And if it does, here’s what we want to see from it.

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    Keep it small. We don’t need a big camera

    Every time I pick up the Canon EOS R, I’m fascinated by its size. Many cameras are too big these days. They don’t have to be. Without a doubt, the Canon EOS R is the perfect sized SLR-style mirrorless camera. But Canon can do so much more with it. We are very optimistic that Canon can keep the same body size and incorporate all the improvements we want. Traditionally, Canon has treated smaller cameras as waste for farmers. We hope that is not the case here.

    Give the Canon EOS R Mk II a Joystick

    Let’s get started now. The Canon EOS R Mk II should have a proper joystick on the back. The magic touch bar was a novel idea in the past, but in the long run it makes no sense. Give the Canon EOS R Mk II the joystick that photographers really want. We don’t need to move our thumb down the D-pad to select the focus point.

    Think of it this way: if Sony can do it with their lower end cameras, why can’t Canon?

    Bring back the classic back wheel

    The Canon EOS R Mk II will bring back the classic Canon wheel that controls aperture settings in the traditional way. This will make it more like Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6. And it will be a lot more appealing to passionate photographers and Canon fans alike. This will also make master control standard for the rest of Canon’s cameras. With the Canon EOS R, you have to use the third control around the lens. But with the Canon EOS R Mk II, expect to get ISO, shutter speed, and aperture on separate dials on the camera.

    Weather resistance: Don’t slip on it

    Up until now, Canon’s EOS R line of cameras has been incredibly weather-resistant. And we expect the Canon EOS R Mk II to be introduced with the same staying power. We tested that camera several times in the rain and with different lenses. We even used it in the snow. It’s significantly sturdier than a lot of Sony cameras. And everyone wants a durable camera these days.

    Give it AI focus options

    The Canon EOS R3 has many AI focus options and the Canon EOS R Mk II should have most if not all options. This is the camera I envision photographers using to capture birds and all of their travel. The current Canon EOS R does a great job with portrait and shooting events, but it can do so much more.

    CHEAP Canon -EOS Cameras

    Where Canon can broadly improve is understanding people. The camera does a great job at detecting faces and eyes, but what about body detection? There is so much more to focusing on a desirable body than a face. Sometimes it makes more sense to focus on runners’ bodies as they’re crossing a frame. At events, we don’t always need to focus on someone’s face as much as we focus on the fact that they exist only as human beings. Improved body detection will make everything work more efficiently.

    Image Stabilization Mode

    The Canon EOS R Mk II does not need image stabilization like the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6. But Canon was able to keep the device small while providing a bit more stability. To be part of our review team, you must demonstrate holding the camera for at least 1 second to produce an exposure that is free from camera shake. Most people can’t do that. May make it easier for people to grasp and incorporate the new sensor.

    What would you like to see in the Canon EOS R Mk II? Do you think any of these will actually happen?

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