How to follow your favorite sports teams in Apple News with iOS 16

    Sports fans rejoice! It just got a whole lot easier to follow your favorite sports teams on Apple News.

    With iOS 16, the Apple News app on your iPhone now has a dedicated sports section, aptly called “My Sports”. Previous versions of iOS included sports content in Apple News – you can search for stories and follow channels and topics related to your favorite teams and sports. But now, it’s all in one place

    Best of all, in addition to following channels and topics that provide information about sports, you can also follow your favorite teams. The My Sports section not only includes stories and highlights, but also shows scores, schedules and standings for the teams/leagues you follow. Apple News+ subscribers will also have access to premium articles.

    Here’s how to get started.

    1. Open Apple News and go to the Today tab.

    Oddly enough, my search for the Sports feature wasn’t so clear. You will have to scroll through all the different news sections until you find the Sports section. But once you get there, it’s easy to set up. You’ll be prompted with a pop-up to enable the feature, or you’ll see a button in the Sports section of your feed that says “Get Started”. Either will take you to the setup page.

    This reminder may pop up when you scroll through the “Today” tab in Apple News.
    Credit: Apple

    Screenshot of the My Sports section in Apple News with the button to start

    If you don’t get the prompt, scroll down to the Sports section until you see this button.
    Credit: Apple

    2. Choose your options.

    On the settings page, called “My Sports Manager”, you can choose the leagues and sports you want to follow. Select your favorites and tap “Done”.

    Screenshot of My Sports preferences listing all the teams and leagues you can follow

    Customize your sports content by choosing your favorite teams/leagues to follow.
    Credit: Apple

    3. Enjoy all that My Sports has to offer.

    Once you’ve selected the teams and leagues you’d like to follow, scroll through the Custom My Sports section to orient yourself.

    Under “Scores and Fixtures” you can follow the tabs of recent games scores and get information about ongoing/upcoming games. One of the coolest parts of My Sports is that it’s fully integrated with Apple TV, so you can watch games live on your iPhone or TV (provided you have an Apple TV+ or some other subscription). other sports streaming subscriptions).

    Screenshot of upcoming baseball schedule in My Sports

    Follow the schedules of the teams in the “Scores & Schedules” section.
    Credit: Apple

    In the “Following” section, you can manage the teams and sports to follow. The content you follow also appears in the order listed in this section, so you can rearrange it based on what you want to see first.

    Pictures of teams / tournament options in

    Add/remove and rearrange your favorite teams in the “Following” section.
    Credit: Apple

    This is followed by a “Featured News” section, followed by news curated based on your interests, and then specific news about each team/league you follow.

    Screenshot of baseball clip in

    Catch the highlights in this section.
    Credit: Apple

    Now that you’ve set up My Sports, you don’t have to scroll through the “Today” tab every time you want to check it out. Instead, just tap on “Following” and scroll down to the “Sports” section, where you’ll see “My Sports” at the top.

    Screenshot of my Sports shortcut in

    Quickly jump to My Sports with the “Following” tab.
    Credit: Apple


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