How to Downgrade a Canon Camera’s Firmware to a Previous Version

    If for any reason you need to downgrade your firmware update to an older one, you can follow two methods to revert to an earlier version.

    The latest firmware version is not always the best version, photographers and filmmakers KH Cams said in his YouTube video describing the process. He says it’s possible a much-loved feature is no longer available in the latest version of your camera’s firmware, or a new, crippling bug was introduced in an update, in the field. In that case you may want to roll back to the version you had earlier.

    In such a case, Rumors about Canon note that some users have found autofocus issues with the Canon EOS R5 1.5.0 firmware update and that reverting to the previous version will alleviate new bugs that appear faster than the possibility that Canon can fix it with a new update.

    The two proposed methods are theoretically compatible with any Canon camera with dual card slots – and only those with dual card slots – and in his example, KH Cams using Canon EOS R6.

    Warning: While KH Cams shows that his methods are working, he also notes that downgrading your software is not a safe solution and could theoretically damage the camera. Any user wanting to try rolling back to an older firmware should do so at their own risk.

    How to Revert Canon Camera Firmware, Method #1

    The first option involves using two SD cards.

    • Step 1: Insert a memory card with the latest firmware version in the camera and open the setup menu.
    • Step 2: Find the “Firmware” section and click it. When the camera shows the latest firmware version it has installed, press “OK” and immediately open the memory card slot to insert a second memory card with the older firmware version. The memory card door is not closed.
    • Step 3: The camera will now give the option to choose either version and you can choose the older version. Once selected, you can close the memory card door and press “OK” to start the installation.

    As a note, this method does not work for KH Cams and stops at 73% progress all the time. That said, some people who have tried this method have reported in the comments that it worked for them, so it seems inconsistent and may or may not work on a case-by-case basis. .

    How to Revert Canon Camera Firmware, Method #1

    The other method uses one memory card at a time and requires a quick response on your part.

    • Step 1: Insert a memory card with the latest camera version and look for “Firmware” in the menu.
    • Step 2: When you are ready, you must press “OK” on the update and open the battery cover simultaneous. It won’t work unless both are done concurrently.
    • Step 3: Insert a card with an older firmware version, close the card door, and then the battery door.
    • Step 4: Immediately after Step 3, the camera will turn on and show an option to install an older version, which you can choose to start the process.

    Because KH CamsThis method worked successfully.

    Disclaimer: Forcing or “hacking” the camera’s operating system is always a risk. Chances are that either method described above can cause irreparable damage to your camera or void your warranty. Try at your own risk.

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