GPU prices are being heavily reduced, the United States Asus; Import tax on PC hardware from China Axed

    Graphics card prices are falling steadily across the board, with channel supplies improving by leaps and bounds. Of course, all this instability is not controlled by one particular party. Instead, inventory levels and demand together drive prices down (and sometimes up). However, the partners of the board have begun to adjust to the rapidly falling GPU prices in an attempt to achieve positive sales and PR. ASUS is the first AIB to openly admit this. In a statement to PCGamer, a An ASUS representative confirmed that the manufacturer has reduced prices on all SKUs.

    This is consistent with what we have observed. The ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 Ti TUF Gaming OC is the first 3070 Ti to drop to $699 (now OoS). It should be noted that the RTX 3070 Ti is the most popular graphics card in the DIY market, so it would be fair to assume that AIB is targeting a solid segment of the mid-range market.


    ASUS GeForce RTX 3060 KO V2 OC is another example. This mid-range The GPU is on sale for $449 on Microcenter, putting it $120 against its MSRP of $329.

    In other news, the Office of the US Trade Representative has placed 352 products on the exclusion list, adjusting Chinese imports subject to increased punitive tariffs as part of the US-China trade war. . The revised list again excludes Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) from additional duties.

    These PCBs are key components of modern electronics, most notably motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, game consoles, etc. Update tasks means PCBs, mostly coming from China will now be 7-25% cheaper when imported. . In theory, this should reduce GPU and motherboard prices by at least 10%. However, considering how the pandemic and the Ukraine war have strained the supply chain, I wouldn’t be surprised if the savings weren’t passed on to consumers.

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