Google will make sure you know all about their latest changes to Android through Play Services

    You’ll always know exactly when new features are coming to your phone

    Every three months, Pixel owners get a handful of updates delivered directly to their phones from Google as a Feature Drop. These exclusive options are designed to make the company’s flagship phone experience even better, but that’s not the only way it brings new content to Android. Updates through Play Services — called Android Feature Drops — can deliver all sorts of new experiences to any device, and Google wants to make sure you know all about them.

    As discovered by Mishaal Rahman of, Play Services will start notifying users about added features via \Android Feature Drops. Although the service is not live yet, based on these screenshots, it looks like these splash pages will appear on their own when the Play Store is opened for the first time after the update. It looks super familiar with the Pixel Feature Drop prompt that came out after the patch back in March, but for all Android users.


    Many of the most exciting changes to your phone have been rolled out over the past few years through Play Services, and these screens will be much clearer when new features are ready to go. You may not need these cards if you keep all the latest app updates – say, by reading sure Website focused on Android. Thankfully, they can be completely ignored on the first import.

    It’s unclear when Google will finally announce these to users, but it looks like the next big Play Services upgrade will make for a great time. Android feature drop in March includes changes to Google Messages, Digital Wellbeing, Gboard, etc

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