Google releases Android 13 Beta 3

    Today, Google launched the third beta version of Android 13 for supported Pixel phones. This comes almost a month after the second beta, on time and in line with the company’s previously announced release schedule, which you can quickly see in the image below.

    There will be another beta in July, and then the next step is a final release that will roll out to all supported Pixels at some point this fall.

    With Beta 3, Android 13 reaches platform stability, an important milestone for app developers, as it means all app-facing behavior within the operating system. as well as the API is now final. This is when most app developers want to start working on Android 13 compatibility for their apps, knowing that the platform won’t change from now until the final release.

    As a quick update, Android 13 focuses on privacy and security, productivity, and better support for tablets and large screens building on work starting with Android 12L. Features new notification permissions and an improved photo picker for sharing, themed app icons and per-app language support, and support for modern standards like HDR video, Bluetooth LE Audio and MIDI 2.0 over USB.

    Google releases Android 13 Beta 3

    If you want to try Android 13 Beta 3 on your Pixel, simply sign up here and you’ll then receive the build as a software update. If your device is already registered, it will soon receive an update notification.


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