Google Redesign Android Privacy and Security Panel

    Google redesigned the security and privacy dashboards in Android to create a unified place for them. Now, all the security and privacy features users need are gathered in one place.

    A few days ago, Google unveiled the new Pixel 7 and the highly anticipated Pixel Watch. However, the software updates and improvements that the company brings to Android devices are overshadowed by the hardware. One of the new things coming to Android devices is a unified privacy and security dashboard that prevents users from wandering between multiple menus.

    As you can see in the screenshot below, the security and privacy sections are now combined. App Security, Find My Device, Security Updates, Device Lock, Google Play system updates etc are now available under Security & Privacy.

    Google creates a hub for privacy and security features

    This new section can satisfy users who are always worried about their privacy because they no longer need to check other settings. You can find everything related to the privacy and security of your device on this page.

    On the page that opens, you can see an overview of your device’s security status and even perform a quick scan to see if everything is working properly. There are also several tags that warn you of the potential threat posed by the app. You can uninstall the threatening app directly from there.

    According to Google, the new privacy and security dashboard will be aimed at Pixel phones first. Then other Android devices can get it through updates. The dashboard was seen in Android 13 QPR Beta 2 by consultant Mishaal Rahman. However, it is not yet available for any devices. Google has not announced a release date yet. But keep an eye out for future updates.

    With each new version of Android, Google tries to improve the user experience and bring some new features to the device. For example, the company can bring the AV1 codec and 64-bit apps to Android 14. However, sometimes these efforts don’t go as planned and cause weird bugs, like the current 911 error on phones Pixel phone.

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