Google News is finally starting to flirt with the idea of ​​a Material You makeover

    We’re talking about baby steps, but it’s progressing the same

    Android 12 has become one of the best-looking platform releases in years, thanks in no small part to Material You’s swift, graceful presence. We’ve spent a lot of time in the months since tracking many apps that choose to integrate their own Material You, and Google’s own software has been of particular interest. However, not every app is quick to make this transition, with some, such as Google News, having captured their attention in a positive way. It’s still not ready for a full Material You makeover, but it looks like News is about to start making some of those changes eventually.

    With the latest Google News update, 9to5Google was able to enable a single Doc You Develop: activate the bottom navigation bar of the app to show a colored accent (it doesn’t appear to be the case at the moment). exactly).


    While that’s the only indication Material You might be enabled at the moment, 9to5 has also looked at the app resources and found indications that this won’t be the only improvement on mobile. its path. By the time all the changes go into effect, News may also have a new look and feel on the “For you” screen – although exactly how that will work, we can’t say yet.

    We’re excited to see changes like this finally in the works, but we also don’t want to hold our breath until they actually land in accessible form.

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