Google News for Android redesigned from the top five stories

    Looks like Google has started to redesign Google News on Android. The new app design is titled ‘Your Press Conference’ and the weather widget is larger but doesn’t seem to stick to the rigid top five stories like the old design once did. Also, with the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly coming to an end, you might be wondering when the COVID-19 news banner at the top of the app will go away; it went with this refresh.

    Updated design of Google News

    The new Google News home screen, which looks reminiscent of Apple News, starts with larger content before returning to normal size as you scroll down, which is great if you’ve just woken up and need some time to see the focus properly. After testing the Google News widget, it still seems to show the top five stories from the old design that users can click through, hopefully Google will update this widget to better reflect how current application activity.

    While the ‘For You’ page looks the same as before, the new colored titles for ‘Local News’ and ‘Choices for You’ stand out more. If you look through the rest of the app, you won’t find much else.

    Updated design of Google News

    Overall, the big header at the top of the app is a nice change but those who have come to enjoy the top five stories will be a bit disappointed by the update. Hopefully the Google News widget will also get a little bit of attention so that the content is more in line with the refreshed design.

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