Google may not launch Android 13 until September

    Android’s August 13 security bulletin suggests a lot

    Google released the initial preview of Android 13 quite early compared to previous versions of this operating system. That leads many to believe that Android 13 will also launch to the public sooner than usual. However, the latest evidence suggests this may not be the case. While we wouldn’t be surprised if Google rolls out Android 13 this month, it looks like the new version could launch only in September.


    Google has just released the monthly Android 13 Security Bulletin for August. In it, the company details security vulnerabilities and how devices running Android 13 security patch level 2022-09-01 are released. protect against these vulnerabilities. The language suggests that any security fixes mentioned in the document will only arrive in September, despite the fact that the bulletin has been released now in August.

    However, the timing of the release notes and the fact that Android 13 will launch with the September 2022 security patch doesn’t necessarily tell us anything about Google’s plans for the Pixels. The open source version of Android 12 (AOSP) was also released two weeks before the update rolled out to the Pixels, so it’s possible that Google will do something similar this time around.

    Google released the first developer preview of Android 13 in February 2022. Then it even published the first beta a month earlier than usual, ahead of the usual release in The company’s May developer conference, Google I/O.

    Meanwhile, Google has just released Android 13 Beta 4 for the brand new Pixel 6a, which further suggests that the beta program is likely to be with us for quite some time. After all, there would be no reason to open a beta program for 6a if the new Android 13 comes out.

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